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Happy first of July everyone!

July happens to be a very, very special month to us. Two years ago during this month (July 15th to be exact), we decided to take a big jump (for us at least) and start an online boutique. We had been very much on the fence as we are a very, VERY small team. Being a small team and all, our passion for fashion outweighed all doubts. 

We thought,"why not?" and just went for it! It's been two years of lots of learning, sleepless nights, meeting AMAZING new people, making fellow women happy, supporting fellow women, etc. EVERYTHING we could have dreamed of and more! But, we could not be here if it weren't for our tribe. Our tribe consists of family members, significant others, loved ones, and beyond awesome people who have come to love and know our brand. And for that, we are forever thankful! We definitely could not be here if it weren't for you all!

We wanted to add a couple of things during our birthday month. You all have asked and we have listed! We are so happy to now be able to provide you all with fab Swimwear Collection, and the beginning of our Chic & Curvy Collection! During this month, these two collections will be growing and have many new items that we know you will love.

There will also be a couple of events that you can attend to shop with us in person during the month of July! We will post about them later on in the week, and trust us guys, you will NOT want to miss! We hope to see you all there. Stay tuned!

Also, we hope you can take some time and celebrate with us, as this is an extremely happy time for us! 

Again, thank YOU for the love and support! We are beyond blessed to have so many awesome supporters, and we have become who we are today because of you all!


The De La Chic Team

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